Pendulum class
by John Van Drie


When I begin a new class with 10 to 20 people sitting around an extended dining room table with maybe a card table at each end, I start by having everyone join hands with their left hand up and their right hand down.  Then I tell the class to close their eyes and I do a meditation about a walk in this beautiful garden.  This meditation lasts about 5 minutes and while I am talking the energy of this left hand up and right hand down starts to flow with a strong beat like a heart beat.  When I am through, I ask them to open their eyes and give me a feedback on the images that they received.  Many people have a very strong picture that they received in their minds.  This helps bring the students into the alpha brain wave level which is the best for dowsing.

I then give a Maurey pendulum and a Bill Finch card to each student.  I tell them to hold the pendulum between their palms to block all energies from whoever handled the pendulum before.  Then I tell them to hold the pendulum in the hand opposite of their writing hand with the pendulum suspended between their thumb and forefinger.  Then I tell them to swing the pendulum over the card in the to and fro basis forcing it to swing and telling their subconscious mind that this is their "YES" answer.  I tell them to repeat it silently to themselves at least 10 times because the subconscious is like a 6 year old child that takes direction but you have to repeat it to get it to sink in.  Then I tell them to stop the pendulum and force it to move side to side and again tell their subconscious this is my "NO" answer--again repeating this admonition 10 times. 

Then I tell them to stop the movement and return to forcing the pendulum to move in the to and fro manner and ask obvious YES answer like saying my name is, I live at such and such address etc.  I let the class do this for about 5 minutes.  Then I tell them to force their pendulum to move in the side to side manner and ask obvious NO questions like, "Am I in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in a row boat--is the moon made of green cheese, etc.  I let the class do this for about 5 minutes.  Then I tell them to stop the side to side and force the pendulum to move in the to and fro manner and ask a question that they do not know the answer to.  I then tell them to stop their pendulum and move the Bill Finch card aside.

Then I give to each member a copy of my nutrient chart showing how to use the pendulum on the chart showing how each item reacts to their body.  I tell them to write their name and today's date at the top of the chart.  To and fro is the balanced position and on the minus side is harmful, very harmful, and dangerous.  On the plus side is good, very good, and necessary.  Then I tell the class to ask the question while forcing their pendulum to move in the balanced position and placing their pencil or pen on the blank space beside each item, "How does this item affect my body.."  Then use the initials M for good, S for very good, C for necessary and -M for harmful   -S for very harmful, and  -C for dangerous.  I tell them to go through all items on the chart.  Some people get through quicker than others and I check each person's work.  Most of the time they are all correct.  Sometimes I find maybe one or two that are off one way or the other.  Most of the time, they are all correct. 

After I have checked the last one to finish, I say, CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ARE NOW DOWSERS.  This nutrient chart that they do for themselves really get them to the stage that they feel confident in the use of the pendulum.  Some people have a problem using the opposite hand for holding the pendulum but I explain that doing charts of all kind, it takes to long to drop your pendulum in between each question, write down the answer and then pick up the pendulum to ask the next question.  I find that the student learns to dowse faster using the opposite hand because this hand does not have a lot of memories to unlearn.

Then I bring out my food allergy chart that has 200 items on it.  I tell them to write their name at the top of the chart and check the foods or things that they currently ingest rather than go down the full chart.   It takes me a full hour to do the 200 items for people so beginners would take more than 2 hours.  After about 15 minutes I ask if anyone wants me to check their work on this chart.  A number of students will ask me to do this and the majority of the time, all their answers are correct. 

In an all day workshop if we have time yet before lunch I will bring out the blood work charts and have them do the 4 things listed and explain the difference between HDL cholesterol and LDLs. 

I generally suggest a pot luck lunch with everyone bringing a dish.  The host lady will provide the drinks and more food is often there than can be consumed. 

After the 1 hour lunch break, I bring out the exorcism ritual,  the spiritual healing ritual, and the blocking of noxious rays ritual.  I give each student a 3 x 3 square of paper and ask them to write the name, age, and town of residence of a person who is violent, hard to live with, depressed, always sick, has a short fuse, takes street drugs, is an alcoholic, etc. Then I have them switch their little paper with their neighbor so that the person receiving the name, does not know this person.  This keeps the student objective about what they will be doing in the ritual.  The 3 rituals mentioned are on the web site at as well as the 3 others charts mentioned. 

Then I have them use the exorcism ritual for checking the name on their 3x3 paper.
After everyone has completed their name, I ask them to check to see if God's white light is around them and then if they have permission from the Universe to clear this person.  In every class there is one who doesn't have the white Light around them and I direct my Guides to put the Light around them.  Then I will get a few that don't get permission to do the clearing of their name.  I then dowse to see if each student that requests it has permission and again dowse to see that they do. 

Then I direct all of the students to say out loud the clearing ritual and when they come to the name of the person, they are to say the name on their 3x3 paper.  I then direct the circle of protection ritual with all the students saying it out loud and direct any of the additional message to the person being cleared.  The 3x3 papers are then returned to the originator to check that this person is now clear.

Then I do the same session again but have each person write another name on the back of their 3x3 paper but not switch with their neighbor this time. 

Then I give them another 3x3 paper and do the spiritual healing ritual for people who have a low level of health but are not possessed with entity attachments.

Then we do the noxious ray ritual blocking all rays coming into a property or house. 
Naturally I field a lot of questions during each of these presentations so that by 4:30 PM we are through for the day. 

At dowsers conferences where the attendees already know how to dowse, I teach the exorcism, spiritual, and blocking ritual for the 1-1/4 hour time allotted. 

At lunch time or after the class, I sell my books, pendulums, L rods, and bobbers.

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